Published Date: 10-05-2021 02:44 AM

Saudi festivals 2021

 What do you know about Saudi festivals 2021? What are its most important benefits? Over
the past long years, many festivals and events with different fields and activities have spread,
and they have served as a link between members of society of all sorts and orientations.
The importance of holding Saudi festivals 2021?
Festivals have a great role in imparting cultural, economic and social values to the country, as
well as a number of other features, the most important of which are the following:
1. Communicate a specific idea to the participants.
2. Spreading culture and knowledge.
3. Enhancing the mental capabilities of the public.
4. The exchange of ideas and information.
5. Reaching a common point of understanding between the attendees.
Saudi Arabia's most important events and festivals in 2021
The festivals and events that are held range from cultural to artistic festivals, and if you live in
Saudi Arabia or are visiting for the first time, you can have a good time by participating in some
of the most well-known festivals that are held every year, and here is a list of the most important:
1."Winter Around You" Festival
A festival organized by the Saudi Tourism Authority in more than 17 tourist destinations in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whereby more than 300 tourism packages and more than 200 shows
are provided by many private sector establishments, with the aim of providing factors of
well-being and enjoyment for citizens and residents.
2. Harid Cultural Festival
This festival aims to preserve and celebrate the history and cultural heritage of the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, especially in the Jizan region, through many performances and various activities,
and it is held on the eleventh of April, and can be entered free of charge.
3. Riyadh International Book Fair
One of the most important Saudi exhibitions and festivals 2021 held in the Arab world, the most
in terms of the number of visitors, the volume of sales and the number of cultural programs, it
offers its visitors the best books through its cooperation with the most famous publishing
companies at the international and local level every year.
4. Okaz Market Festival
Expatriates from various Arab countries who love poetry, art and culture participate in this
festival, as it is held for ten days in the Taif Mountains, and it is one of the main tourist
attractions in this region as it includes many art exhibitions, poetry competitions and theatrical
5. Janadriyah Festival
The Janadriyah Festival is held in the village of Janadriyah in Riyadh, and it is determined in
November of every year, where visitors enjoy a large number of diverse activities such as:
camel racing, air shows, crafts, traditional artistic performances, etc., which embody the history
and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6. Jeddah Summer Festival
It is a cultural festival that showcases attractions in Jeddah, wonderful fireworks, sports and
entertainment activities and many other events that take place over 24 days, at the Jeddah
waterfront. It is famous for preparing the largest dish of "Kabsa", and participants can enter it for
7. Festival "Art Conflict"
One of the Saudi festivals 2021, which is held in the city of Khobar on the seventeenth of April,
and is to show the talents of artists through a painting competition that requires them to convert
blank paintings into wonderful artistic paintings in the presence of the participants and within
only 20 minutes, then the door to vote about The best and most beautiful paintings.
8. Riyadh Travel Exhibition
Many of the most famous travel and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia meet in
this exhibition, as it includes 50 national and regional pavilions, receives more than 30 thousand
visitors, and is the largest tourism exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
These events and other Saudi festivals 2021 that are held in various parts of the Kingdom all
aim to familiarize the public with the features and dimensions of a certain idea, exchange ideas,
enhance mental capabilities, form distinct and fruitful relationships among the audience, and
other goals that keep pace with the Kingdom's 2030 vision and contribute effectively to its