3D Mapping

3D art show on the sides of buildings and theaters (often used in large and medium parties)

3D Screens

Screens that convey depth of perception to scenes by employing technologies such as stereoscopic and projection Multimeter and binary depth

Conference Mics

A set of microphones integrated with specialized speakers for managing meetings

Content Production

A service that helps you create professional content suitable for your occasion

Decoration - Production

No service producing all kinds of modern decors, including theaters, aesthetic shapes, and attractive backgrounds that suit all occasions

Dome System


A group of activities stimulating the audience to spread energy, fun and happiness

Fog Screen

A system that uses steam and fog machines to create a thin curtain to project an image that appears to be floating in the air

Gift Items

Various bouquets of souvenirs to make your event memorable


Creating images of objects with their three dimensions in space by means of light rays


Professional hospitality services provided by specialized suppliers

Kinetic Light

A wonderful combination of lighting art and mechanical movement technology, inspired by nature


Fun and interesting laser shows that excite the attendees and make them part of the shows

LCD Monitor

TV screens with sizes suitable for everyone

LED Floor Screens

A ground screen that can be navigated and interacted with, used for theaters, parties and launches

LED Screen

Point screens that can be attached to each other to make the required sizes according to the number of vegetables and the size of the display

Lighting Events

A group of professional lighting devices used in aesthetic lighting and stage lighting


Additives that help you organize your events optimally and with less effort

Media Server

A computer with professional specifications and a special operating system that controls video and image outputs

Mirrors Screens

Mirrors screens of different sizes


Speakers and session directors with international expertise and diverse disciplines

PC Computer

Computers and laptops with different specifications (Required*)

Photography Production

Photographers and professional cameras (Required*)

Print Services

Various printing services suitable for everyone

Projectors - Screen - Lenses

Pyro Fireworks

Registration System


Signal Booster-convertor And Cables

Sound Crew

Sound System

Streaming Device

Studio Lighting


Touch Screens

Translation System

Tunnel Entrance


Video Services

Voting System