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Upcoming events listed to be collaborated organized using evantto

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Technical equipment and devices, smart services, publications, gifts and hotel services


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Business conference, Wedding, anniversary, Opening, Launching.




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Yes the service is absolutely free for users without any hidden condition.
The service is free for the first 6 months then charges will apply.
Simply you enter you request using our website tools to publish your request and delivered it to fitted vendors, then you will get quotations, you select what you desire and confirm with the vendor, vendors will issue an official quote and invoice outside the website system, when the project is finished you review your experience and review the vendors, also vendor will review you.
Yes to view and select the quotation.
Vendor register their account, Then Evantto will study his profile and authorize him to work inside the website.
Yes you can publish the ad on the home page with fees.
No Evantto is Fair Agent doesn't and will not take a percentage from quotation and will not interfere with the flow of the projects, but we keep a record for your chat and quotations.